Yoga for Tennis Players

qqAs many dedicated players know, tennis is tough on the body. The game requires strength, flexibility and mental concentration. Many tennis players, from the amateurs to the pros, have discovered that the combination of yoga and tennis makes for a win-win situation.

Unlike sports such as running and cycling, where you move primarily in one plane, tennis players use the same arm for forehand and backhand strokes, which creates imbalances in muscle development on the left and right sides. Yoga can help build balance and symmetry on both sides of the body making players stronger and less prone to injury.

Tennis is also a game of strategy, being calm, centered and focused, are vital for success in a match. The focus on breathing and the mind-body connection in yoga helps athletes develop mental acuity and focus. When you practice yoga regularly, you bring energy into the body which can help players feel better instead of depleted after a match.

Still not enough to convince you to strike a pose?

Yoga can help your tennis game by developing:

  • Flexibility in the hips, back, ankles, shoulders, and

45 Minute Basketball Workout

rdOffseason conditioning is a key element in being a successful Division I athlete. At Mississippi State, the coaching staff leads their team through a series of fundamental workouts with and without the basketball.

Within the spring and summer the team spends up to four hours a week in the gym and four hours in the weight room improving their physical strength. The following 45-minute workout should be preformed three days a week. Developing confidence, coordination, strength, timing, and stamina is the athlete’s main focus throughout the workout.

I. Defensive Slides/Three minutes – (width of free throw line) three sets: 30 seconds on/off (27 is great)

II. Backboard Taps/Six Minutes – (with ball) 40 in a row: 10 right/left/alternating/both, rest 30 seconds, repeat three sets

III. Backboard Touch/Three minutes — Start at free-throw line, sprint and slap backboard with both hands (net), sprint back and touch free throw line, repeat: 30 seconds on/off: 3 sets (11-plus is great)

IV. Mikan/Three minutes – (Hook right and left) 30 seconds on/off: three sets (17-plus is great)

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6 Tips for Century Ride Rookies

rtIn all likelihood, your first century ride will be the longest bike ride you’ve ever done. Could you possibly know every setback you may face ahead of time?

It pays to get wisdom from those who have conquered a century ride and learned a lot from it. So interviewed two riders who recently did their first century. Both were relatively inexperienced cyclists when they clipped in and took off on a 100-mile journey that was both exhilarating and painful.

Mari Lohr of Santa Monica, California, was extremely new to cycling when she signed up for a 60-mile charity ride to benefit a friend’s son who was diagnosed with ALS. After catching the bug and gaining confidence, she decided to up the ante and sign up for the 100-mile Ride to Defeat ALS in Napa, California.

Gary Highfield of Chattanooga, Tennessee stepped on the scale one day and weighed 248 pounds. He vowed he would never see 250 and joined the Chattanooga Bicycle Club with a decades-old bike that was falling apart. After a few equipment upgrades, he signed up for–and suffered through–the

Places to Avoid if You Need Loans with Bad Credit

Getting the bad credit is something that some of you might have on your head. However, even though you already have the bad credit, some of you will surely need for the load to get out of the financial situation. If you are one of those people who have bad credit but you really need to get the loan, then you might want to simply avoid these places so that you can save some of your time when you are looking for the loan.

The first badcreditloanslist that you need to avoid is the banks. Many of you will surely notice that the bank is one of the best options if you are looking for a loan. That is because you can get any number that you need, starting from few hundred dollars to many thousands. You just need to name the number and you can simply get what you need. However, if you have the bad credit history, you should not dare enough to go to the banks to get a loan. That is because the chance for you to get the loan is almost zero. You need to understand that all of the

Enjoy a New Type of Vacation in South Carolina

Bored with typical vacation at the beach or the spotlight of nightclubs? How about hunting in south carolina? That sounds fun, right? Feeling the wildlife adventure, far away from the noise of big city traffic and bumping to every other human around tourism destination; you can experience a thoroughly different kind of relaxation. Plus, by choosing this type of leisure, you can exercise a bit without even going to that expensive gym membership you rarely use in your busy days. In addition, hunting is also good to train your senses and sharpen your ability of being patience. You can rush hunting. It takes time to gather a commendable amount of trophy.

If interested, you can call to discuss your needs with people at Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge. Operating since 1985, Cedar Knoll was built in Lakeview Plantation and it is where you can gain an opportunity to immerse in a specific Southern leisure time and in a total privacy, free of obstructions from the outside world. The staff will be more than happy to describe you every available facility within the lodge and inside the hunting park and tell you that they pride themselves in

Bring a Sense of Adventure to Your Holiday

Last year’s holiday was a bust before it even began, and this year you have something to prove to yourself and your loved ones. Rather than deal with crowded tourist attractions, expensive travel costs, and heightened stress, consider your options as this holiday season waits around the corner. First, you must decide whether you wish to take your holiday in Europe, Canada, or the USA. There are other locations available, but these are the best choices when you consider a walking holiday. Unlike traditional holiday destinations and attractions, a walking holiday is tailored to you and your loved ones instead of a much larger target audience. Consider these factors as you look at your options, and make the right choice in order to bring a new sense of adventure to your holiday season this year.

See More than You Ever Dreamed

Outside of the busy tourist towns and attractions, hidden wonders await you. On foot, you are given the unique opportunity to explore the breath-taking landscapes, history, and culture each new location has to offer. These tours are self-guided, and this is the perfect way to use your time and money. Whether you are on your

Learn About Best Positions on Tennis Court during Tennis Doubles Tournament

Learning basic techniques as well as getting suitable partner seems to be not enough to win a tennis match. You also need to learn about your right position on the court that helps you to take advantage of your opponents on the other side. This article will highlight on three basic tennis court positions that you should consider for better performance.

Two up position

Two up signifies that the players are standing in the right position at net. It is one of the top court positions that have been adopted by the popular players throughout the world. If you remain in this statute, there is possibility that you can improve your offensive techniques and you also have the opportunity to cover the entire court as much as you can. Since there is hardly anyone to back you, and at the same time covering up lob seems to be quite tricky affair. You should try to identify lob first by watching opponent from position of opponent on court and from racket face. For instance, if you hit deep volley or if you are able to see backup of opponent, it is likely you will be able to find lob. Proper anticipation

AB Lounge Sport Review

If you have been looking for the best ab machine that’s fast and effective at toning up your abs then you have been looking for the Ab Lounge Sport.


Ab Lounge Sport

With more and more people are looking for fun and innovative ways to lose belly fat and tone up their mid-section, and the Ab Lounge Sport can do just that and so much more. You can perform a variety of exercises, ranging from beginner to advanced degree of difficulty, depending on your level of training. The advanced jackknife design of the Ab Lounge Sport is a very effective tool for getting six pack abs and far more efficient than traditional Ab exercises.

The Ab Lounge Sport is the ultimate abdominal machine and you’ll enjoy plenty of support for your head, neck, and back throughout the entire exercise, so you won’t accidentally strain a non-ab muscle through poor form.

The best part aside from being a perfect way to build up core muscles and one of the best ab machines on the market for getting those sexy toned abs, is the fact the exercise while doing a multitude of other things. You could be watching television and doing

abdominal exercises, or

A Brief Introduction To Martial Arts And Its Forms

Martial art is one of the oldest combat sports, which have been practiced by humans for a long time. There are many forms of martial arts and most of them were developed for physical fitness and spiritual development. Martial arts can be defined as the coded system of combat practices that are used for self-defence and fitness purpose. There are many types of martial art forms, few of which are mentioned below:

Karate – This is the most popular martial art form and it originated in Okinawa, Japan. This martial art form basically involves elbow strikes, punching, kicking, and knee strikes.

Kickboxing – This martial art form also originated in japan during 1960’s and it is a contact sport. Kickboxing is mostly practiced for general fitness and self-defense purpose.

Jiu-Jitsu – This combat sport originated in Brazil and it involves intense grappling.

Aikido – Japanese martial art form Aikido is quite powerful and it basically involves turning and entering movements.

Wing Chun – Chinese martial art form Wing Chun is basically used for self-defense purpose. It involves striking as well as grappling techniques. This martial art form also specializes in close-range combat.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) – This martial art form involves both grappling and striking

Indoor Soccer is a Whole New World Be Ready

As the weather changes and indoor soccer season begins, get prepared with the best gear and training to slay the competition. Indoor soccer is fast, exciting, and completely different than outdoor. Also known as fast football, players of indoor soccer are able to play off the walls, and actually play in much closer proximity as the fields are typically the size of a basketball court, (and in some cases, they are!)

It goes without saying that players will not wear cleats inside. Although they can wear regular tennis shoes, there are specially designed indoor soccer shoes made by all the brands players love. Nike indoor soccer shoes are among the favorites.

The Popularity of Indoor Soccer

Indoor soccer is very popular in the United States and Canada on both a professional and amateur level. Because outdoor soccer has a short season in Canada and much of the U.S. this gives players the chance to enjoy their sport for longer. In Mexico, indoor soccer is called “futbol rapido” and the fields are actually built outdoors. Indoor soccer is also popular in Europe, and there’s actually a European Minifootball Federation. Nike soccer shoes are available to all these countries, and are amongst the top sellers.


Review of Storm Bowling Shoes

Storm has been known as the Bowler’s Company and for years and for a very reason. They are the market leader when it comes to bowling balls with their line that has a ball for every level bowler – from their Premier for the pros to the Ice Line for novices.

They are also a major player in the bags market even though they are N2 behind Brunswick. Regardless of that I knowpeople who would fight you all the way that no one makes better bowling bags than Storm.

Being a force in the bowling bags and balls market you would think that they would be among the top 3 players in the bowling shoes market as well, won’t you? Believe if you wish but Storm did not have their own line of shoes until 2012.

The fact that they were the last company to enter the market did not bother them. As a matter of fact quite the opposite happened – in this short amount of time they became a force to be reckoned with.

In the article that follows I’m going to share with you what I think about their line of men’s and women’s shoes.

Storm has seven models of men’s bowling

How To Build Muscle Without Anabolic Steroids

If you are working to gain the muscle mass that eliminates your body fat, you must remember that there is more to accomplishing this feat than just lifting weights. Diet, rest and consistency are going to play important roles in your success. Read the article that follows to learn more.

If you have been weight training for a period of time and want to see results a bit more quickly, work on your large groups of muscles, such as those in your legs, back and chest. Some great exercises for those groups are deadlifts, squats, bench presses, dips and military presses.

Consider drinking a protein shake before starting your weight-training workouts. Liquid minerals tend to be absorbed quicker in the body than solid food, so think about having a shake filled with protein, about 10 to 20 grams. The protein shake will help give you a boost of protein to encourage protein synthesis, which is the way to building muscles.

If you are working toward “bulking up” your muscles, do not do cardio for more than 90 minutes per workout. Too much cardio can cause the body to form “lean muscle” instead of the bulk that you desire. Cardio is very important, but

Barefoot Running Appears in West

Does barefoot running do well?

Recently in America appeared some organizations of barefoot running, they say that this new kind mode of exercise makes them benefit boundlessly, there are much more sportsmen think the same barefoot running has made their life different, it is able to avoid various injuries coming up. So what is the reason of barefoot running? What’s the difference between barefoot running and running in shoes?

Barefoot running is popular in western countries.

he is always insist on running regularly, from east of London Renton’s home to the centre’s University Hospital, which is nearly 9 miles in all, he is 37 years old, who is a physicist engaged in medical research. He runs 30 miles to 50 miles every week, he has already completed three times Bristol’s halfway marathon, and he maps out to go in for marathon next year. So that he must be Nike’s iron customer?


Just in contrast. From on December of 2004, he barefoot runs wherever he goes, sometime on Welsh alps, sometime on the way to court. Now, the fans of barefoot running in England is more and more, and he is in the number the same,

Getting Touches on The Volleyball Spike Frog Volleyball

Have you ever wondered what it REALLY takes to get better at volleyball? Well, in the end, it’s all about getting “touches.” LOTS of them.

In volleyball terms, “touches” would be opportunities one has to actually have the ball on your arms or in your hands. I’m always telling my students and players that the ball only does what you tell it to–but we speak with our arms and hands in this sport. Now to get those coveted touches!

They did a recent study about who was actually getting the most “touches” in a volleyball practice. Guess who it was? Hitters? Liberos? Setters?

No, it was the coach!

Amazingly enough, some coaches are so into their practices that they often start every drill with a toss or hit or serve to the girls on the other side of the net. They run their drill, then the coach reinitiates the start of the drill by entering in a ball. Over the life of a practice, the coach easily wins with the most number of touches.

So what to do about that? Well, for one, the coach needs to realize that the players need to

Brunswick Has the Coolest Mens Shoes for Bowling Hands Down

Before I forget – I think it’s important that I share with you an interesting piece of trivia about Brunswick.

The company that rhymes with bowling has been a leader in the bowling bags market followed closely by Storm for years but they weren’t among the major players in the bowling shoes business for a long time.

Then something happened two or three years ago. Brunswick fired the old management and put new faces in charge of their shoes business and it seems to be working. The new lines of shoes sell like hotcakes and catapulted the company to the N2 position among all US manufacturers.

One thing I have to mention though is that they don’t have a high-end shoe which I consider a disadvantage.

Now back to the shoes. There are total of 6 models for men in the 2013-2014 line priced between $35.95 for the cheapest ones to $66.95 for the most expensive ones.

But let’s take a look at each particular shoe

1. The Flyer – available in black or white only. This is the cheapest shoe in men’s line and sells for $35.95.

Being a shoe for beginners it has a surprising number of features – non-marking soles, textile lines with padded

How to Buy the Right Running Shoes

The best running shoes is the one that effortlessly fits with your physique and isn’t uncomfortable. Finding the perfect running shoes is really an exacting task and demands much searching and patience. You need to make sure that it is a perfect fit.

Many people fail in finding the perfect running shoes due to lack of knowledge about the basics of what you have to look for while buying best running shoes. There are different factors that have to be meticulously looked into while purchasing running shoes and in no way it is an easier task.

The Heel

The heel is the most important thing that has to be considered while buying the running shoes. It should fit in snugly and must not suffocate your feet. Running shoes with too tight heels make it difficult for your feet to stay inside the shoe while you are on run. The heel must be comfortable enough to let you feel slide out of the shoe comfortably. Before purchasing the shoes, it is important that you check at the store that whether it is comfortable or not.

Upper part

A shoes upper part then should feel

Running for Swimmers

Athletes, including swimmers, should incorporate different exercises into their workout routines to obtain muscle variance and cardiovascular fitness.

Running is a popular cross-training exercise for swimming as it is a good form of cardio that helps maintain a healthy weight.

Even though swimmers may run just for cross-training, it is still important to mix up the workouts in order to use different muscles and prevent injury and boredom.

Some days, you should go for long easy runs to build up endurance while other training sessions should include a track workout to incorporate speed. If you do not have a track close by, simply bring a watch and run sprint intervals between 15 and 30 seconds—broken up by a one-minute jogs—around the block.


Nutrition plays an important part in running as well as swimming. Eating lean meat and low-fat foods will inevitably help develop a lighter body composition. However, carbohydrates are essential to replenish the energy expended during exercise.

In addition to proper food, you should always stay hydrated. Runners are more susceptible to cramping when dehydrated. Drinking a sports drink, especially after a workout, will help replenish the electrolytes and salt that

4 Nutrition Secrets for Your First Century Ride

A century ride debut can last upward of six or seven hours, or even longer. And with all the energy you spend pedaling 100 miles through various terrain, your body needs fuel along the way—a lot of it.

So what is the best way to approach food and drink on the bike? talked to Steve Matson, a Category 3 road racer who runs Matson Cycle Coaching. Matson has a Level II coaching license from USA Cycling and spends a significant part of his coaching duties teaching nutrition strategies to cyclists training for a number of different events.

Here are some nutrition tips he teaches to those preparing for a century ride:

Lose Weight Early

The closer to your ideal weight that you are, the better you will perform during your century ride. Power-to-weight ratio is widely accepted as a huge indicator of cycling success. One way to improve your ratio is to shed your excess weight.

However, the week or two leading up the 100-mile trek is not the time to go on an aggressive weight-loss diet. Quite the opposite.

“No more than one pound per week, and

Will Soccer Rules Change

Soccer has joined other sports in the growing legal debate over head injuries. On August 27, a group of American parents and players filed a class-action lawsuit against six national and international soccer organizations. The group claims the organizations have not handled concussions safely at all levels of play.

The suit was filed in federal court in San Francisco, California. It was filed against U.S. Soccer, the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO), U.S. Youth Soccer, U.S. Club Soccer, the California Youth Soccer Association, and FIFA, soccer’s international governing body. The parents say the organizations have done little to detect and treat head injuries even though they know how dangerous they can be.

According to FIFA, soccer is the world’s most popular sport. Of more than 265 million players worldwide, about 8 million are kids in the U.S., according to the lawsuit. The parents and players filing the suit hope to change the rules of the sport to better protect both children and professional players from injury.

“There is an epidemic of concussion injuries in soccer at all levels around the world, including in the United States, from youth to

Control Your Excitation Level for Better Match Play

A player’s optimum level of excitation will differ from player to player, with some needing to boost themselves up, and others to cool themselves down in order to play their best.

You must learn what your own optimum excitation level is through experience.

Do you play better when you are highly excited or when you are mildly so? At extremely low levels, all players are sluggish, slow to react and suffer from poor performance.

On the other hand, at excessively high levels, players are also likely to play poorly because they will be out of control, over-reactive and defective in their decision making.

All of us play best somewhere between the extremes. The trick is to figure out what level you need and to make sure you invariably attain it before the next point starts.

For example, Jimmy Connors was a high excitation-level player, needing to be wired-up to perform at his best.

He was also quite a crowd pleaser. Connors would make a shot, shake his fist or gesture at the crowd, and the crowd would scream and yell in response. They enjoyed getting in on the wave of emotion with

Pick Up Your Game

Maybe you’ll never play in a World Cup tournament, but you never know. TFK asked Hugo Grajeda, director of Pro Youth Soccer Academy in Chester, New York, for tips to help kids improve their soccer skills.

Start with basic drills: “Go outdoors, grab a ball, and keep it close to your feet,” Grajeda says. “That will help improve your ability to run with the ball close. Juggling and dribbling will help improve your timing and ball control skills. If you have a backyard, work on shooting.”

Sign up for a soccer camp: “It’s a good way of building skills without having the pressure of games. Choose a camp that emphasizes building skills and go to one of those. There are plenty of camps that begin right after school ends.”

Don’t forget to stretch: Before each game or practice, start with a proper ten-minute warm up. Then do a series of stretches to loosen up your muscles. Grajeda recommends calf and hamstring stretches. Don’t forget to take a drink of water before you even step on the field. “Water is important, especially during this heat,” Grajeda says.


Dont Let a Trash Island Ruin Your Ocean Time

I recently got a not-so-happy email about yet another trash island from a friend of mine, Doug Woodring, who was writing from the beautiful Indonesian island of Lombok. Doug’s a competitive open-water swimmer and event organizer. Here’s a paragraph from his email:

I was out enjoying a swim in Lombok Strait, which separates the Indian Ocean and the Java Sea between the islands of Lombok and Bali. It’s far from civilization in what should have been beautiful, pristine waters. But halfway through my swim I hit a flotilla of plastic trash, a rude reminder of our consumerist, disposable culture. It really makes you wonder what we are doing to ourselves.

Doug actually knows a thing or two about “what we are doing to ourselves.” In addition to being a waterman, he’s the cofounder of Project Kaisei and founder of Ocean Recovery Alliance, two organizations dedicated to research and education about the environmental consequences of throw-away plastics in our waterways and oceans.

They might be out of sight and out mind after we chuck them, but all that plastic doesn’t just disappear. What doesn’t get recycled either ends up in a landfill or blows around on